Dear friends and supporters of the Russian Bible project, we would like to announce with much elation that our Institute has officially completed the new translation of the Russian Bible!! The 23-year endeavor that began with Dr. Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr. is right now, as we speak, being printed and bound for distribution all across the globe!

Dr. Mikhail M. Kulakov Jr., director and editor-in-chief of the Bible Translation Institute at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland (with affiliated site at Zaoksky Seminary in Russia), said he looked forward to distributing the Bible and giving its readers a new sense of God’s closeness in the Lord’s Prayer, the Psalms, and Isaiah. “Growing up in Russia I loved the translation which we had access to,” he said, referring to the 1876 Synodal translation. “But I did not realize then that there is greater richness and depth of meaning in those passages… that have became much clearer to me with a mastery of the biblical languages and through the work on this more accurate translation,” he adds.

We are so greatly looking forward to seeing ordinary Russian people gain new strength, hope, joy and a sense of God’s closeness in the Lord’s Prayer, the Psalms and Isaiah in their mother tongue. We are so incredibly grateful to all of the amazing individuals who sacrificed their time and energy to pour their talents into this project. We have had the honor of working with leading scholars from various denominations and different countries in refining the text. In addition to this fact we are so excited that portions of the new Bible have already been posted on Russian Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, and other websites as they became available over the years. We are grateful to the United Bible Societies team for their assistance in preparing the electronic Paratext version of our New Testament. 

And more than anything we would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU – our loyal supporters and donors for being there with us every step of the way!! Without you this would have all remained a dream but due to your steadfast support we were able to finally bring this monumental task to completion. Thank you for your time, donations, prayers and love! With your support we are now able to put this Bible into the hands of millions of Russian readers and share these blessings with you!

Please enjoy a short video that we have put together of the printing process that is taking place in Minsk, Belarus right now!

The new complete translation will be available for purchase in the latter part of May 2015 through the Biblical-Theological Institute of St. Apostle Andrew in Moscow, the Source of Life publishing house in Zaoksky and at Pacific Press.  A version of the translation of the New Testament and Psalms was published several years ago and can be purchased on Amazon, at Adventist Book Centers across the United States, and here on our website.

The BTI team and Michele Bernard of Columbia Union News


All the books of the Bible are already translated into the Russian language and edited. And as of December 2013 our Institute has begun the work on the layout of the complete New Russian Bible!  By the end of this year - 2014 we are planning to finish the work on the layout and to submit the complete manuscript to the press!

The layout work is a complex, laborious and crucial stage of the project. Yet, unlike the first medieval printers – Johannes Guttenberg (1394/1399 – 1468) in Germany and Ivan Fedorov (approx. 1520 – 1583) in medieval Russia, who used cast metal sorts to compose the movable type by hand and metal alloys and tin to produce those sorts, today’s designers use the latest computer technology and its by-product - the electronic media.

We are glad to share with you that the layout work is in full swing. It is our very special privilege to have Alexander Osokin in St. Petersburg – an outstanding specialist in book formatting – lead this work of creating the electronic layout of the complete New Russian Bible.

In order to make the layout process more effective and secure, already in December 2013 we decided to divide the text of the entire Bible into six blocks and to start right away creating the layout of those books which have already gone through all stages of the editorial process. Such a strategy allowed us to proceed with the layout of the completed blocks at the same time, in a parallel fashion. Each block undergoes several stages of proof reading and collation as well as correction of typos. This method also allows us the freedom to test, perfect and coordinate all aspects of the layout as we go. We are giving special attention to proofreading and to the aesthetic aspects of the layout. Bible publishers have come to the realization that they need not just a good proofreader but that the work also requires a production artist. This is someone who shapes the outward appearance of the book and the quality of the interior layout: the fonts, the book cover, the spine, the jacket (or binding), the flyleaf and the interior appearance of title pages, bible maps, etc.

Here is the chart that illustrates the progress of the layout work.  We will keep updating the chart as we approach the finish line (December 2014) – the time of the submission of the manuscript to the press.  Please, keep us in your prayers!  We value your continued support!


The first joint edition of the BTI Russian New Testament published by St. Andrew’s Press in Moscow is finally on sale across Russia

The first external edition of the new modern translation of the Russian New Testament and Psalms produced by the Washington Adventist University (WAU) Bible Translation Institute (BTI) in partnership with Zaoksky Theological Seminary in Russia was recently published in Moscow by the Biblical-Theological Institute (BBI) of St. Apostle Andrew and is now finally on sale across Russia! BBI is the leading academic publisher of theological literature in Russia and this joint publication opens doors for the widest possible distribution and recognition of the new complete Bible.

The New Testament is now sold at the main books stores in Moscow including the Russian Bible Society store and also in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Odessa and Minsk using the main book distributors network. The release of this first external edition has been positively reviewed by popular Orthodox and Protestant theological web sites and seminary journals. Discussing this news with us Dr. Kulakov said: “It is humbling for our team that the faculty of St. Andrews Biblical Theological Institute decided to publish this joint edition as a part of their prestigious series of publications of "Modern Biblical Studies" in which they publish the works of renowned Biblical scholars. We pray that God will direct and bless the distribution of this edition and will continue to bless and guide our efforts as we complete the translation of the entire Bible. In that spirit we have already launched the work on the layout of the new complete Bible! We are anxiously anticipating the date of completion and seeing the entire Bible published, distributed and being read by the Russian people!”
Kulakov is currently in the fourth year of a five year sabbatical to complete the translation of the entire Bible into Russian by 2015. Working in collaboration with biblical scholars from universities across Russia, WAU BTI is an initiative in international and inter-denominational collaboration. The Institute has already published the Pentateuch, the Minor Prophets and the New Testament and the Psalms. Seeing the wide distribution of the new translation of the Bible across all parts of Russia is a dream come true for him.


The Finish Line Is Finally In Sight!

It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks we will be entering the last year of our project. Undoubtedly it is due to your prayers, support and encouragement that we have gotten this far and without a doubt it will be the reason that we will cross the finish line on that blessed day in 2015! We cannot possibly begin to express how much your faith and support  has meant throughout these years.

It also must be said that this last year will be the most crucial and perhaps most difficult year as not only will our teams be completing the translation and editing work portion but we will begin the arduous task of preparing the entire Bible for full publication. In addition to all of this we are also already in the process of preparing to present our project at the 2015 General Conference Session in Texas. All of these different aspects are large undertakings by themselves, but to do it all together will truly require a miracle. We will also be in need of funds to pay specialists to collate, verify, edit, proofread and polish the final text, to produce the layout and to do the promotional work in Russia in order to ready the Russian people to receive the new translation. Though all of this will be a challenging undertaking, we are confident because God has blessed us thus far and we have no doubt that He will continue to offer us His guidance and leadership.
As the end of the project draws nearer and nearer we see God’s hand even more clearly than before. He continues to bless us with new readers and new supporters as well as continuing to open doors and opportunities that we could not have previously dreamed of. Many of these we will detail further in this issue of the update as we would like for you to share in our joy. We are especially thrilled to announce that, thanks to the Pacific Press, the New Testament and Psalms are now available in the US! It is currently being sold by and we are already exploring other options as well.
Heading into the New Year we are bolstered by the prayers and support that we receive from you, our friends, and by our faithful community of readers in Russia. We know that this coming year will be difficult and we know that we will need extra support, perhaps more than ever before, but we also know that God will supply all of our needs as He always has.
We would like to humbly ask that you help us in this final and critical leg of our journey in any way that you can. We are determined to use all of our resources—physical, mental, spiritual and financial—In order to see the entire, completed Bible in the hands of Russian people that are yearning for a clear and faithful translation of God’s Word. We know that we could never accomplish this without you.
We hope you will enjoy the stories that we share here about the way that this new clear and readable translation is already changing the lives of so many and leading them to Christ.
Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. Each and every single one of you is so dear to us and we want you to know that your faith in our project brings us such inspiration and encouragement!
May God richly bless you and your family this Christmas season and we wish you a fantastic New Year!


The First North American edition of the BTI Russian New Testament and Psalms Now Available!

Dear Friends of the Russian Bible Translation Project,

Last week the Bible Translation Institute celebrated a momentous day – the printing of the first North American edition of the Russian New Testament and the Psalms, produced by the Washington Adventist University (WAU) Bible Translation Institute in partnership with Zaoksky Theological Seminary in Russia completed by Pacific Press, Nampa, Idaho! It has long been a dream of ours to bring the Bible to Russians living here in the States and we are so grateful to God and to you our dear supporters and partners for making it a reality!

A dedication service was held on August 26 at the Press’ headquarters.  And on the gracious invitation of the Pacific Press president Pastor Dale Galusha, the director of the BTI, Dr. Mikhail Kulakov, Jr., was there to watch the first printing come right off the presses and be stacked for shipping. Furthermore on September 5 at 3ABN we will be taping a special program to mark this historic event and share the new developments.

Dr. Mikhail Kulakov, Jr. and Pastor Dale Galusha with the New Testament & Psalms
“Seeing the first North American edition of the New Testament and the Psalms in print was incredibly moving for me,” said Mikhail Kulakov, Jr., “since it was my late father, Dr. Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr. who founded the Institute at Zaoksky and worked tirelessly for over a decade to produce the translation of the New Testament and the Psalms. I know he would have been overjoyed to see the Russian Bible be brought to the States.”
This summer has been immensely profitable and both our inter-denominational teams in Zaoksky, Russia, and here in the US, are working around the clock to stay on target. By God’s grace, we have completed work on the poetic books of the Bible and are currently working on the books of Joshua and Judges. The books of the Major and Minor prophets have also been completed. As always we immensely appreciate continued prayers and support from you.

For those of you who may be interested in purchasing a copy for your Russian speaking friends or for yourself, please, call your local Adventist Book Center or visit their website:
We are also working on bringing the Bibles to a Barnes & Noble near you!


The timeless wisdom of the book of Job in crystal clear Russian!

At the present time the BTI team is intensively working on the translation of the ancient corpus of Hebrew Wisdom Literature, or to be more precise the Poetic Books of the Sacred Scriptures. It was the well-known Russian encyclopedist Sergei Sergeevich Averintsev who once said that the Bible is a “little literary universe.” It is a remarkable description “a little”, yet… “a universe” that is immense in it’s magnitude and value. It has long been recognized by both literary critics as well as biblical scholars that this “universe” has made a colossal impact on human civilization and has been shaping, in the course of thousands of years, the cultures of many nations of the world (including countries of the new world as well as ancient Russia).

This April the BTI team by God’s grace has completed work on the book of Proverbs as well as the Song of Solomon. Currently we are working with the book of Job - another masterpiece of ancient near-Eastern literature. On the one hand this work is a real feast for us, yet on the other hand it is an awesome responsibility because the book of Job is one of the most complex books of the Bible. It’s complexity is not only in the difficult paradoxical “eternal questions” (about God, good and evil,wealth and poverty, justice and cruelty, baseness and treachery and the suffering of the innocent people) posed by the unnamed author, but also in the very form of the narrative, in it’s style and language.

Illustration for the Book of Job by William Blake

It is one thing to read and to admire the mastery of this Old Testament author and it is quite another thing to produce an accurate and adequate translation. It is true that so much that is specific to the book has been shaped and determined by the ancient historical context, the unique literary style of the author, his way of expressing a particular divinely inspired message or a burning issue in a specific literary form, yet recognition of these facts does not make the task of the translator any easier. Expressing his thoughts through images, creating distinctive representations of life the biblical author used literary devices that are unexpected and unusual for our culture. And we are not just talking about paradoxical metaphors, hyperboles or comparisons. At times we are puzzled and truly at a loss because some Hebrew words which were common and in the every day use during the times of the ancient author become incomprehensible and difficult to translate due to the fact that they have not been used for millennia.

Nevertheless prayer, persistence, expertise and indefatigable efforts of the team of translators yield their rewards. And we rejoice at the every new find of a fitting word and every breakthrough and step forward. Yet most importantly we rejoice in hope that new generations of our contemporaries, those who have learned to love and appreciate the art of Biblical narrative (and the Scriptures for centuries have been inspiring generations in Russia and the surrounding commonwealth of independent states) and those who are yet to discover it, will find for themselves in these new translations of the Poetic Books timeless spiritual treasures, strength and inspiration. The literary value of these biblical books, the great artistry of their literary form are beyond dispute, and the divine wisdom which they contain is a unique phenomenon in world literature. Your encouragement, prayers and support are crucial to the success of our team.


One Step Closer to the Finish Line!!

The BTI Team at Zaoksky Institute has completed their work on the new Russian translation of the books of the Major Prophets. The Team is now focusing all of their energies on the remaining poetic and historical books of the Old Testament.

We are excited to share with you our dear supporters that we welcomed the new year in with wonderful news – our team has completed their work on the new Russian translation of the Major prophets of the Old Testament! This is a momentous step for our team and it places us so much closer to completion in 2015! We are incredibly grateful to all of you who have supported us, prayed for us and helped us achieve this goal. We couldn’t have done it without you! The Team is now focusing all of their energies on the remaining poetic and historical books of the Old Testament.

Sharing the final draft of the completed Old Testament portion with a group of external reviewers in Russia has been very rewarding and encouraging. In the course of this summer our team is also planning to publish the first edition of the newly translated books for wide distribution in Russia.

Working on these ancient gems of timeless truth has been very humbling, challenging and inspiring for our team.  The team is so eager to give their countrymen a new opportunity to read afresh and experience anew the fiery messages of Isaiah – “the most sublime of all poets,” the words of great comfort and courage in the book of Jeremiah, the sobering appeals and challenging visions of Ezekiel and the lessons of perseverance and unflinching faith in the book of Daniel.

It brings us such joy to think that every eager and searching reader (especially the younger readers in Russia, who are much less familiar with the Scriptures) will now be able to enjoy some of the greatest promises of the Bible in a crystal clear and accurate translation.

Imagine your life without promises like this one: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” from Isaiah 40:31 or this one from Jeremiah 29:13: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” The Old Testament has been described as “the Bible that Jesus read”. These books are so important for the Christian journey as they offer real life stories of great courage in times of suffering, of obedience, grief, joy, despair, love and unfailing faith.

Prof. Ilya Y. Grits, our longtime friend, colleague and supporter and our external reviewer who currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel commended our team on the work well done.  In his recent message to us he wrote that it was especially gratifying to read the new translation of Isaiah in Russian sitting in an apartment in Jerusalem. “Isaiah's poetic merits are so great,” - says prof. Grits, “that for nearly three thousand years this book has been considered the apex of the entire Jewish poetry. The number of direct and indirect quotations and allusions to the book of Isaiah in the New Testament in general, and in the Gospel, in particular, are greater than the number of references to all the other prophetic books of the Old Testament.”

We are so happy to be able to share this news with you! Please continue praying for our future efforts! We are so close to the finish line!


BTI NT & the Psalms are Finally on YouVersion which now has 50 million users around the world!

On October 3, 2012 the BTI Team have received the wonderful news from the YouVersion Russian team leader Vitaliy Kolesov. He informed us that the YouVersion specialists have completed the conversion of the BTI text of the New Testament and Psalms to the YouVersion format and have finally uploaded the BTI translation with the release of the new update for their system. At present time the BTI translation is only available on their website through desktop machines and notebooks.  Once their team completes another major update for mobile devices, the BTI translation will be instantly available on tablets, Ipads and smartphones. YouVersion is growing with tremendous speed.  In the November 2010 New York Times article entitled "God Comes to the Smartphone: Bible App YouVersion Grabs 10M Users" Riley McDermid writes: 

“It turns out that the world’s best-selling book, the Bible, has now produced one of the smartphone world’s most popular apps: YouVersion, which added its 10 millionth user Tuesday, November 16, 2010. Launched in April 2008 by Oklahoma megachurch, the free YouVersion has experienced wildfire growth, becoming the leading free Bible app in iTunes from 2008-2010 and achieving a 5-star app by 50,000+ people. The company said its stats show that someone new is installing the app every 2.8 seconds, while 12 other people are opening the app during that same time period. YouVersion measures the number of “unique devices that have installed” the app at 10 million. It said its median active user rate hovers around 3.2 million per month. Bobby Gruenewald, who holds the title “innovation leader” for FirstLife, told VentureBeat that the nonprofit company sees usage and new installations of the app peaking on Sundays, with Nov. 14 one of the sharpest spikes in new installs that YouVersion has seen since its founding. “A lot of people will just bring the app with them to their ministry services instead of an actual hard copy Bible,” said Gruenewald, “and people next to them will ask them what they are using and then go ahead and download it themselves, too.” In late September, the free app was #10 in Top Apps on the iPhone and a top 5 Reference app on the iPhone and iPad (#1 and #3 respectively). The app is also available on Blackberry, Android, Palm, Windows 7 Phone and Symbian. YouVersion currently offers more than 40 different versions in 20 different languages and allows users to read the Bible in its entirety, choose to excerpt specific passages based on search criteria or add one of the app’s ‘reading plans.’”

We praise God for the fact that the BTI version is now available to this global audience.

May you be blessed during this wonderful autumn season!
Michael Kulakov Jr., Director
The Bible Translation Institute


Logos has placed the BTI New Testament & the Psalms into their pre-publication program

Another blessing is the interest and the determination among the Logos Bible software community to receive enough pre-publication orders that would make it feasible for them to commission the work of creating a completely integrated electronic text of the BTI translation. Every word of the translation will be linked to their giant library of Bible manuscripts for Bible study and research. Such wide circulation of the Word of God in Modern Russian language has been the dream and vision of the founder of our Institute Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr.

The Logos company have shared with their readers the following review by Prof. Grits:
“I think that the Russian people a hundred years from now will be grateful to the Adventist Christians of our time for their translation of the Bible. I sincerely believe that this excellent translation is a valuable contribution to Russian culture. The next generation of Christians of different denominations will be glad to use this translation in their worship services. In the Russian language at present time there is no other translation of the Scriptures of such hig quality that is intended not just for use in public worship but also for personal devotional reading.”
—Iliya Ya. Grits, rector and professor of the  College of Biblical foundations of the church ministries “Heritage,” Moscow, Russia

The full text of the Logos presentation can be found here. Logos is getting more pre-publication orders from the Logos users. We praise God for these new opportunities to share His Word and would like to ask you to continue remembering our team in your prayers!


The BTI Russian Module of the New Testament and the Psalms can now run natively on Mac within the BibleWorks database Mac Public Preview 

BibleWorks runs well on virtual machines (VMs) such as Parallels, VMware Fusion, and VirtualBox. Now you can also run natively on Macs with their Mac Public Pre-release version. For more details, screenshots, and videos, go here.


The BTI & WAU team with the Zaoksky graduates of 2012
We would like to thank you very much for your unfailing support and give you a brief update as to the happenings here at the Bible Translation Institute. I have had the privilege of spending a few weeks this past May in Russia with Washington Adventist University President Dr. Spence and our team in Zaoksky. I am eager to share many new developments.

First, I would like to make you aware of a “happy” problem. The first print run of the first two editions of the New Testament and the Psalms has been completely sold out! In addition, the first print runs of the Pentateuch and the Book of Daniel & the Minor Prophets have also been sold out! We thank God for the amazing work of our publishing house at Zaoksky which has just celebrated its 20 year anniversary on May 20th. Yet the demand for the new translation of the portions of God’s Word which have been completed is still growing. In the last quarter the publishing house produced two other sets of print runs of the Pentateuch and the Book of Daniel & the Minor Prophets and they are being successfully sold in the Russian far east —Siberia, Central and Southern Russia. This year many young literature evangelists in Zaoksky are successfully exploring new ways of sharing God’s Word with the Russian people.

Our translators, literary stylists and editors are working on the great poetic books of the Old Testament - the book of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs. It is such a privilege to prayerfully work on rendering the message of these great ancient books. The book of Job that speaks to the modern man about authentic righteous living and practical morality, a book that defends the justice of God in light of the suffering of human beings. It is also so enriching and refreshing to work with the ancient Proverbs that for millennia have taught prudence for all, and have provided a wealth of knowledge and discretion for the young. We are inspired by the teachings of Ecclesiastes—a reminder that a life not centered on God is meaningless. And we are truly blessed by the lyric of the beautiful Song of Songs about true committed, wedded love.

Your support is so instrumental in us reaching our goal of publishing the entire Bible by 2015 and we are eternally grateful for your belief in this project.

Have a blessed and profitable summer!
Michael Kulakov Jr., Director
The Bible Translation Institute


WORDS of DELIGHT: The Bible as a Literary Classic
1. The Bible as a Literary Classic
MARCH 30 at 7:00 p.m. (Richards Hall Chapel)
2. Personal Encounter with the King James Bible
and involvement with other translations
(Sligo Church Fellowship A) MARCH 31 at 10:00 a.m.
3. What Makes the King James Veri son Great?
(Richards Hall Chapel) MARCH 31 at 3:30 p.m.

Refreshments will be Served upon completion of the last lecture

Dr. Ryken was raised in rural Iowa. He received his B.A. from Central College in his hometown of Pella, Iowa, and his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. He went directly from graduate school to the English Department at Wheaton College, where he has taught since 1968. Dr. Ryken has published scholarly books on a range of subjects, including the Bible as literature, literature and the arts in Christian perspective, work and leisure, the Puritans, Milton, and Bible translation theory. He has written or edited over 30 books, including Words of Delight, The Word of God in English, Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, and A Complete Literary Guide to the Bible. Dr. Ryken served as literary stylist for The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. Most recently he has published The Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years of the Most Influential English Translation (Crossway, 2011 ). Dr. Ryken and his wife Mary have raised three children (including a son who is president of Wheaton College), and they have fifteen grandchildren (all of whom live within a ten minutes' drive from their home). 

Zdravko Plantak, PhD Chair of Department of Religion Washington Adventist University 
7600 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20904


Recital & and Special Worship Services at Sligo Church in Support of the Bible Translation Institute February 25, 2012

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to share about the work of the Bible Translation Institute with the Sligo and WAU communities this past Saturday. We had a fantastic turnout during both services as well as the recital that afternoon. The performance of Russian hymns and classical music by the soloist from Russia Elena Rudoy touched many as did Dr. Kulakov’s moving sermon encouraging each and every one of us to “Live A Life Worth Living” by giving to those around us. We are so grateful to all the wonderful staff at Washington Adventist University, Sligo SDA Church and WTGS 91.9 for helping us make this day of sharing possible. It was incredible to see the outpouring of support for the translation of the Russian Bible.


Recital and special worship services at Sligo Church in support 
of the Bible Translation Institute:

Dr. & Mrs. Spence at the graduation ceremony in Zaoksky, Russia. May 10, 2011

You are cordially invited to be a part of the weekend of inspiring Russian music, fellowship and prayer. Find out more about the dedicated team of expert translators and the work they are doing at Zaoksky University in Russia. Receive a blessing through the incredible musical talents of the soloist from Russia Elena Rudoy, during the special Sabbath worship services at Sligo on February 25. Dr. Mikhail Kulakov, fresh off his trip to Russia, will be sharing a message from God’s Word entitled “When Life is Worth Living.” The institute is dedicated to giving the Russian people God’s Word in a language that is readable and accurate by 2015. 


3,000 Copies of the new translation of the Minor Prophets distributed 
to pastors and new converts across the Euro-Asia division!

Thanks to your staunch support this year we were able to complete, publish and circulate to pastors and new converts across eleven time zones of Russia the new accurate translation of the book of Daniel and the twelve books of the Minor Prophets! We have also been able to make available portions of our translation in audio format on ITunes. New leading scholars from various denominations have been involved in the project in order to expedite the work of translating the books of the Major Prophets. We were also able to significantly broaden our presence on the internet in Russia and to make headway with the preparation of the audio version of the entire New Testament. An arrangement has been secured for the sale of our new Translation of the Pentateuch at the Moscow store of the Russian Bible Society. Also an exciting new project involving the Russian public, educators, public figures, Biblical scholars and clergy in the discussion and review of the new translation has been launched across Russia, thanks to your commitment and encouragement.

We are continuing our intensive work of translating the Major Prophets and we plan on finishing that work by May of 2012. We also plan on publishing this segment by the summer of 2012 and providing every pastor and evangelist with a copy.

Your support is so instrumental in us reaching this goal and we are eternally grateful for your belief in this project.

Michael Kulakov Jr., Director
The Bible Translation Institute


(Transl. from the Russian edition of the RBU)

The Rising Popularity of the BTI Translation 
Across the Internet in Russia

At present time a very significant number of people have discovered for themselves the benefits of the new Russian translation of the Bible prepared by the BTI at Zaoksky founded by M.P. Kulakov Sr.. These are literally tens of thousands of people who belong to various religious organizations. From time to time the readers of this new translation share their impressions on the internet primarily on religious sites, their blogs and live journals. A cursory look at these electronic resources demonstrates that the BTI translation is evaluated by the Russian readers predominantly positively (and quite often very highly) and is included in the three most popular and authoritative Russian translations today along with the translation of the NT by the Bishop Cassian (early 20 cent.) and the translation by the Russian Bible Society. 

Websites Which Carry the BTI Translation of the Scriptures

 «Предание. ру» Литературный портал:
«Официальный сайт Московского Патриархата»:
«Отдел по делам молодежи Русской Православной Церкви»:
«Сайт Миссионерского Отдела Санкт-Петербургской Епархии»:
«Православная Энциклопедия»:
«Издательство Библеист»:
«Jesus Christ. ru»:
«The Word»:
«Библия online»:
«My studies»:
«Живой журнал» Е. Проскуликова
«SFI. ru» (Свято-Филаретовский институт):
«Независимые библейские исследования»:
«Реформатский взгляд»:
«Древняя.ру »:

Forums Where the BTI Translation is Discussed 



«Живой Журнал»: «LiVEJOURNAL»:

Which specific characteristics of the BTI Translation attract the attention of today’s readers? What particularly do they find of value in it? Most of all they appreciate its clarity, accuracy as well as it’s “readability, correctness.” 

The post by one Russian blogger Eugene Proskulikov on the blog “Philosophical Crumbs” is quite typical. Particularly (citing a specific example in Luke 9:23) the author is surprised and puzzled why in the synodal translation in the words of Christ “if any  want to become My followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me” the word “daily” is omitted. The synodal and the Elizebethan Slavonic Bible does not contain the word “daily” whereas Zaoksky BTI translation edited by M.P. Kulakov which he based on the critical edition of the Greek New Testament renders the original correctly: “If any  want to become My followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me.” How did it come about that the synodal version of this passage does not contain this crucial word? I assume that the translators used one of the versions of the Byzantine text in which the Greek word “καθ ημέραν” is indeed missing.” 

Another blogger Aleksandroid, on the site “” in July of this year wrote: “This is a very good translation and it is a must for those people who want to get to know the word of God better!!! (insert the link)”

Similar examples in the Russian blogosphere are numerous. We do not see any reason to repeat them. Those who would like to acquaint themselves with various numerous evaluations and review of the BTI Translation can do it themselves. Above as you have noticed we have provided links to the most characteristic sites. 

Victor S. Leahu
Bible Translation Institute, Zaoksky

Leading Russian Internet database launches the New Testament Translation

A few weeks ago the leading Russian Biblical Studies database “Biblia-Tsentr” has launched the module with the new Russian translation of the New Testament and the Psalms next to the Synodal 1876 translation and the ancient Slavonic translation. While the percentage of Russians who have access to the internet is not as high as that in the US this is a major breakthrough as far as the wide acceptance of the new translation is concerned.  This database is respected and recommended by the leading Russian Orthodox scholars of national significance. We praise God for the fact that the Bible Translation Institute can be a part of these developments.