The Finish Line Is Finally In Sight!

Dear friends of the Bible Translation Project,

It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks we will be entering the last year of our project. Undoubtedly it is due to your prayers, support and encouragement that we have gotten this far and without a doubt it will be the reason that we will cross the finish line on that blessed day in 2015! We cannot possibly begin to express how much your faith and support  has meant throughout these years.

It also must be said that this last year will be the most crucial and perhaps most difficult year as not only will our teams be completing the translation and editing work portion but we will begin the arduous task of preparing the entire Bible for full publication. In addition to all of this we are also already in the process of preparing to present our project at the 2015 General Conference Session in Texas. All of these different aspects are large undertakings by themselves, but to do it all together will truly require a miracle. We will also be in need of funds to pay specialists to collate, verify, edit, proofread and polish the final text, to produce the layout and to do the promotional work in Russia in order to ready the Russian people to receive the new translation. Though all of this will be a challenging undertaking, we are confident because God has blessed us thus far and we have no doubt that He will continue to offer us His guidance and leadership.
As the end of the project draws nearer and nearer we see God’s hand even more clearly than before. He continues to bless us with new readers and new supporters as well as continuing to open doors and opportunities that we could not have previously dreamed of. Many of these we will detail further in this issue of the update as we would like for you to share in our joy. We are especially thrilled to announce that, thanks to the Pacific Press, the New Testament and Psalms are now available in the US! It is currently being sold by and we are already exploring other options as well.
Heading into the New Year we are bolstered by the prayers and support that we receive from you, our friends, and by our faithful community of readers in Russia. We know that this coming year will be difficult and we know that we will need extra support, perhaps more than ever before, but we also know that God will supply all of our needs as He always has.
We would like to humbly ask that you help us in this final and critical leg of our journey in any way that you can. We are determined to use all of our resources—physical, mental, spiritual and financial—In order to see the entire, completed Bible in the hands of Russian people that are yearning for a clear and faithful translation of God’s Word. We know that we could never accomplish this without you.
We hope you will enjoy the stories that we share here about the way that this new clear and readable translation is already changing the lives of so many and leading them to Christ.
Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. Each and every single one of you is so dear to us and we want you to know that your faith in our project brings us such inspiration and encouragement!
May God richly bless you and your family this Christmas season and we wish you a fantastic New Year!

Mikhail M. Kulakov, Jr.
Director of the Bible Translation