The Layout of the Entire Bible Is No Longer Just a Dream, But a Reality!

Dear Friends, we so much value your continued support!!

All the books of the Bible are already translated into the Russian language and edited. And as of December 2013 our Institute has begun the work on the layout of the complete New Russian Bible!  By the end of this year - 2014 we are planning to finish the work on the layout and to submit the complete manuscript to the press!

The layout work is a complex, laborious and crucial stage of the project. Yet, unlike the first medieval printers – Johannes Guttenberg (1394/1399 – 1468) in Germany and Ivan Fedorov (approx. 1520 – 1583) in medieval Russia, who used cast metal sorts to compose the movable type by hand and metal alloys and tin to produce those sorts, today’s designers use the latest computer technology and its by-product - the electronic media.

We are glad to share with you that the layout work is in full swing. It is our very special privilege to have Alexander Osokin in St. Petersburg – an outstanding specialist in book formatting – lead this work of creating the electronic layout of the complete New Russian Bible.

In order to make the layout process more effective and secure, already in December 2013 we decided to divide the text of the entire Bible into six blocks and to start right away creating the layout of those books which have already gone through all stages of the editorial process. Such a strategy allowed us to proceed with the layout of the completed blocks at the same time, in a parallel fashion. Each block undergoes several stages of proof reading and collation as well as correction of typos. This method also allows us the freedom to test, perfect and coordinate all aspects of the layout as we go. We are giving special attention to proofreading and to the aesthetic aspects of the layout. Bible publishers have come to the realization that they need not just a good proofreader but that the work also requires a production artist. This is someone who shapes the outward appearance of the book and the quality of the interior layout: the fonts, the book cover, the spine, the jacket (or binding), the flyleaf and the interior appearance of title pages, bible maps, etc.

Here is the chart that illustrates the progress of the layout work.  We will keep updating the chart as we approach the finish line (December 2014) – the time of the submission of the manuscript to the press.  Please, keep us in your prayers!  We value your continued support!

The Team of the Russian Bible Translation  Institute